Senior-led Lynbrook is clicking

Patience has been preached and practiced at Lynbrook for a full generation – ever since boys’ soccer coach Josh Berlin began his tenure at the turn of the millennium. In more ways than …

Superintendent set to retire

Lynbrook Schools Superintendent Melissa Burak has set her retirement calendar, and plans to stop down on July 1, 2023, after 30 years of service.

Lynbrook honors those lost on 9/11

It has been 21 years since the Sept. 11, 2001, tragedy, when two commercial jetliners were hijacked and sent crashing into the World Trade Center, causing the two historic towers to come crumbling to the ground in a cloud of dust and debris and claiming the lives of 2,977 people, including 20 from Lynbrook.

East Rockaway hosts Fourth Battalion Parade

Nassau County’s Fourth Battalion Fire District marched through the streets of East Rockaway on Saturday, Sept. 17, as part of their annual fire parade and drill exercise.


Our national spirit shouldn’t fade on July 5

It has been called both the physical and symbolic heart of our democracy, located within the very walls where our elected representatives in Washington make our country’s most important decisions. The Capitol Rotunda . . .


Abortion, the high court and the people

Issues of life and death, liberty, justice and freedom call for citizen involvement. We should have strong opinions about such topics.