Class reunion

Friends return to the field 41 years later


They say the sun always seems to shine for the annual Oceanside Turkey Bowl. And they’re right. It was a beautiful low 50 degrees and bright sunny day on Nov. 26 when the Oceanside High School Class of 1984 held is 41st annual Turkey Bowl game.

The game was played at Oceanside’s School No. 6, the site of the first game back when the core group of friends were in ninth grade and the school was better known as the Merle Avenue Junior High. 

Participants included members across the years such as Oceanside High’s Classes of 1984, 85, 86 and 89, and their sons and nephews. After the game, the group was joined by additional classmates and celebrated while catching up at EGP Oceanside on Long Beach Road.

“To be able to still do this, on the same field where it all started 41 years ago, with many of the same friends who were there for that first game, is pretty amazing,” said Joe Cuomo from the Class of 1984. “The multi-generational vibe we have now is awesome. The kids let us older guys take a break here and there, but they also help to keep the game fun and competitive.  My friend Kevin Kolano threw three touchdown passes to his son Zach on Saturday. How great is that.”

Catching up with current events or remembering the good ole days, it’s always a special day said Kevin Kolano from the Class of 1985. “I find myself really looking forward to this annual game every time the leaves start to fall,” he said.

Mike Tricarico from the Class of 1984 added, “For some reason, the sun always seems to shine on Turkey Bowl Saturday.”

Class of 1984 Leonardo Bilello says it’s a lucky thing to still be in contact with so many high school friends after decades of being out of high school. “It is a true blessing to still be in contact with so many of my OHS friends after all these years. Each year this game gives us a chance to get together, share a lot of laughs, and reminisce about our OHS days.”