Midcentury modern design in 10 essential pieces

Singulart used historical information and context from museums, experienced furniture resellers, and designers to compile a list of 10 pieces that embody midcentury modern design.

Teachers are becoming more educated, but salaries aren't keeping up

TeacherCertification.com explored how salaries aren't keeping up even as more teachers earn post-baccalaureate degrees, citing National Center for Education Statistics data.   

A brief history of the US, as told through the evolution of chairs
Chair design and America's history: neither are exactly comfortable. Using books and news articles, Living Spaces explored five chairs that reflect our history.  
25 words that were born in the 1960s
Stacker used Merriam-Webster's Time Traveler to find 25 words written or printed in English for the first time in the 1960s.
Opioid prescriptions are down from a decade ago, but regional disparities remain
Using data from the CDC, Ophelia explored the state of prescription opioid dispense rates across the U.S. amid a national record low.  
What factors predict nurse burnout?
DocBuddy referenced data from the American Nurses Association and the National Library of Medicine to look at some leading causes of nurse burnout.  
5 small (and multipurpose) workout tools for the home gym
NNOXX surveyed the web and found five multipurpose workout tools that won't take up too much space in your home gym.
First-generation students feel the impacts after the Supreme Court strikes Biden's loan forgiveness plans
Best Universities examined what the end of Biden's $10,000 loan forgiveness program means for first-generation students and graduates.  
5 ways interior designers are using AI
Lazzoni Modern Furniture unpacked five ways interior designers use AI in their work, citing information from designers and articles.
How every state's casino gaming industry compares to the rest of the country
ATS.io listed every state's casino gaming industry to see how it compares to the rest of the country, using American Gaming Association data.  
5 tips for managing workplace burnout
Using information from leading business schools and academic research, Wysa compiled five tips to help manage burnout at work.
10 of the most popular live animal college mascots on social media
OddsSeeker compiled 10 of the most popular live animal college mascots on social media.
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Cities with the highest rates of obesity

Stacker examined data from the CDC's annual PLACES report, released in July 2023, to see which cities had the highest share of adults with obesity.  

Liver Disease And Your Life

(NAPSI)—You may be at risk for liver disease and not even know it. Consider this: Fatty liver disease affects an estimated 80 to 100 million Americans and many are completely unaware they have it. …

Top 15 college football rivalries

Best Universities compiled a list of the most evenly matched, long-running college football rivalries in the U.S., using data from Stathead.

States with the most drunk driving fatalities

Monge and Associates cited data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to identify states with the highest rate of drunken driving fatalities.

Who gets the most spam calls: A ranking of every state

In partnership with Visible, Stacker analyzed the FCC's Consumer Complaints data and ranked each state based on the least to the most spam calls received in 2023 so far.

The 5 most impressive winning streaks in men's tennis history

OLBG compiled a ranking of the five most impressive winning streaks in men's tennis history using data from Ultimate Tennis Statistics.

Women's suffrage, but for whom? These 10 Black suffragists fought for the vote before—and long after—the 19th Amendment
Stacker sifted through news articles and historical documents to commemorate the legacies of 10 Black suffragists often left out of the narrative.
Seeking to Preserve Veterans' Stories of Service and Sacrifice
(Family Features) Whether it's pride, pain, inspiration, nostalgia or a combination of sentiments, any time veterans tell their stories, there's a good chance they'll evoke strong emotions from both the tellers and their audiences.
The history of how roads are built, and what future construction may look like
The General compiled research to show how roads have been integral to connecting people and cultures and how construction has changed over time.
27 senators are up for reelection—which, if any, are 'progressive' relative to the political lean of their states?
Stacker used Progressive Punch data to see how progressive the senators running for reelection are relative to the political leanings of their states.
Biomass fermentation is creating another option for a meatless future
Thistle looked at the biomass fermentation industry and what it means for alternatives to animal agriculture using data from the Good Food Institute.
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How to plan the most time-efficient strength-training workout, according to science

Are you interested in strength training but have no time to waste? NNOXX examined academic research to identify an efficient workout.

What happens when casinos don't pay?

A player finally wins at the casino—but the house refuses to pay out. What can be done? AskGamblers rounds up the ways that players can fight back.

6 Small, Kind Gestures to Make a Big Impact Each Day

(Family Features) To help foster positive connection among friends, family and communities, consider these ways to weave moments of kindness into their daily lives.

Commonly used phrases with hidden meanings

Stacker compiled 25 commonly used phrases with hidden meanings using various news sources. 

Debunking 10 myths about strength training

NNOXX compiled a list of 10 myths about strength training and debunked them using information from various scientific and medical sources.

Creating inclusivity in beauty: The best hyper-inclusive beauty products

(BPT) - The beauty industry is rapidly growing with a surge of new diverse indie brands as well as established brands expanding product lines to include even more shades for every skin tone. This …

People who have trouble reading prescription bottle labels can get an app that will recite the information for them.

An Rx Label That Speaks for Itself

(NAPSI)—There is good news for many in the visually impaired community, and for anyone who has trouble reading standard print labels.   Prescription management and medication adherence can be …

How SHEIN Uses Global Footprint to Drive Local Impact

(BPT) - While SHEIN may be synonymous with affordable online shopping, local shoppers in Indianapolis were recently treated to a first-hand look at the brand’s products through a 4-day pop-up …

Best coffee-growing countries in the world, according to experts

Home Grounds looked at the Coffee Quality Institute's ranking of the 16 countries with the best-tasting coffee, according to 1,229 coffee experts.

States most impacted by health care data breaches in 2022
Drata analyzed Department of Health and Human Services data to determine which states felt the largest effects from health care data breaches in 2022.  
Remember To Check For Safety Recalls
(NAPSI)—When you plan road trips with family and friends, it’s important to make sure your vehicle is as safe as possible. Many vehicle owners may remember important tasks like changing the oil …
5 tips for hosting a successful summer wine country themed party
(BPT) - Not everyone can drop what they're doing and be whisked away for the weekend to visit Sonoma's wine country — but if you've always dreamed of living the relaxed and stylish wine country …
Which Dental Floss is Right for You?
(NAPSI)— What simple action serves as a one-stop shop for protecting your oral health while helping prevent gum disease and tooth decay? Flossing, and at least once a day at that. While brushing is ...
10 of the biggest upsets in FIFA Women's World Cup history
OddsSeeker compiled 10 of the biggest upsets in FIFA Women's World Cup history using various data points with a focus on final score.