Personal luxuries at White House Home in Malverne


White House Home co-owners Joseph DeVito and William Mera, in Malverne, started their next adventure in the village when they opened a second shop on April 17.

“Our clients tell us they love coming to White House Home, because we make them feel good,” DeVito said in a news release. “They enjoy the experience we provide and the luxury items we offer.”

The shop features carefully curated personal luxuries from around the world that includes mouth-blown glass from Italy; triple-milled soaps and fine-scented candles from Provence; artisanal lighting from Amsterdam; handmade teddy bears from the French countryside; fine porcelains and organic apothecary.

Into their fifth year of business, a unique opportunity arose when a local window treatments, wallpaper and upholstery business owner decided to retire. They came to the White House Home with the hope of carrying on a legacy.

“It’s an environment that would allow us to present our vision of the client’s new possibilities,” DeVito said. “It is our mission is to insure our clients enjoy their journey with us until they can do the same in their new private oasis.”

Courtesy White House Home; compiled by Nakeem Grant