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Vote for Tom Tweedy in Hempstead’s 2nd District


In a race that pitted former Floral Park Mayor Tom Tweedy against Town Councilman Tom Muscarella, it became clear that Tweedy had a better grasp of the issues that affect the town’s 2nd Councilmatic District.

Tweedy entered the race with 16 years of political experience in Floral Park, during which time the village only pierced the 2 percent tax-levy cap once. He criticized the Republicans “less savings” ploy, in which they put forward a budget that included more savings based on the notion that a few dozen people would retire without severance pay, and said that if he were elected to serve on the Town Board, he would pore over the budget to find savings. To that end, he said, he would eliminate patronage positions in the town.

To better address the town’s needs, Tweedy said he would like to eliminate right turns during red lights in downtowns and create small neighborhood parks to calm traffic on busy streets. Additionally, he said, he would like to “serve Elmont like I served Floral Park,” and spoke about his role in protesting the proposal for a casino at Belmont Park. Now that construction on an arena is under way, he said, he would work with Town Supervisor Laura Gillen to address traffic issues that arise.

Meanwhile, his opponent, Tom Muscarella, a Republican from Garden City, did not have any political experience before he was appointed to the seat in April, when former Councilman Ed Ambrosino pleaded guilty to tax evasion. He has been involved in the community, serving in a variety of Franklin Square organizations and has sought to address traffic and park concerns.

But Tweedy understands the town’s and community’s needs better, which is why the Herald is endorsing him for the 2nd Council District.