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Herald Editorial

Re-elect three incumbents to Lynbrook school board


In this year’s Lynbrook school election, all Board of Education races are uncontested. We believe that is because people are generally happy with the quality of education district children are receiving.

Board Vice President Leslie Deninno, Secretary Robert Paskoff and Trustee David Yaker each volunteer their time and are dedicated to helping the Lynbrook School District thrive. They are not compensated for their efforts, yet they care enough about their community to run for another term. The community, in turn, should show respect for them by supporting them with their votes.

Paskoff has been on the board since 2006, while Deninno and Yaker were elected in 2015. Last year, Lynbrook was ranked the 63rd best district in the state, and the board members deserve a great deal of credit for bringing innovative ideas and practices to the district, while also providing the programs necessary to help students grow and learn.

On Tuesday, show your support by lending your time to voting for these trustees who have dedicated so much of their time to helping students reach their potential.