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A message from the Lynbrook chamber



This year has turned out to be an extraordinarily challenging year with the Covid-19 pandemic. In the midst of the chronic battle between our local businesses and the challenges of internet retailers and big-box stores, our community has the added challenge of doing business during a pandemic, which has made close contact near impossible.

It is more important than ever that you think of our local restaurants, schools and retailers. These are the businesses that support your community with their contributions to our schools, sports teams and our charitable organizations. It is important to keep them top of mind as you shop for goods and services so that they can continue to thrive and support community efforts.

We have not been without our silver lining however. This year has seen the demolition and re-development of the Capri Lynbrook Motor Inn,, a blight on our community for countless years, into a luxury rental community. The chamber, along with the village and New Vision Party, held the very first drive-in movie on Long Island! We have also seen our community rally around our high school seniors to provide them with an alternative to the traditional graduation ceremony.

The foreseeable future is uncertain at best. As a community, we must strike that delicate balance between good health practices and economic stability. Lynbrook must emerge from this pandemic stronger than ever! Our best wishes for your health and prosperity.

Truly yours; Stephen D Wangel, President, Lynbrook Chamber of Commerce