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Letter to the Lynbrook/East Rockaway Editor (Oct. 22-28)


In defense of our police chief

To the Editor:

I was disappointed to read that the Lynbrook/East Rockaway Herald joined with Newsday in reporting on the Lynbrook police and its outstanding chief, Brian Paladino, in the article, “Chief under fire for ‘mask Kaiser’ email” (Oct. 15-21).

I prefer to judge the Lynbrook police on their performance and not mask wearing. I have been very pleased with the response time whenever we call for assistance, as well as their ability to keep the Village of Lynbrook safe, secure and crime-free. I think Paladino does an outstanding job in his management of the police force in these challenging times.

If Jim Burns does not concur, then maybe he should look elsewhere to open his business. As a Lynbrook Chamber of Commerce member, I appreciate the safety and security that our businesses are provided by the Lynbrook Police Department’s vigilance on the issue that really matters — crime fighting.


Jeffrey Greenfield, Lynbrook business owner