Bandukra Family’s $5M apartment complex nears completion in Oceanside

Oceanside’s newest residential development — a $5 million, 23-unit private apartment complex at 418 Atlantic Ave. known as the Inlet — is nearing completion. Ubaid Bandukra, 34, and his …

Oceanside's Emma DeFrancesco earns the most prestigious Girl Scouts award

Emma DeFrancesco of Oceanside was one of 55 Girl Scouts in the Nassau County organization who became part of the 2023 Girl Scout Gold Award class. These Scouts made a sustainable impact, …

A Rosh Hashana message from Rabbi Shai Beloosesky

At sundown on Sunday, Sept. 15, the Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashana begins. Known as the “Jewish New Year,” it kicks off a 10-day journey of self-evaluation, self-improvement, and lots of …

A Rosh Hashana message from Rabbi Jonathan Muskat

When we hear the shofar blast on Rosh Hashana, for many of us, the sound is a little bit jarring. Though we have heard it so many times before, this sound causes us jolt to attention, to feel a …

Meet the new Rabbi at Temple Avodah: Rabbi Shai

Rabbi Jeshayahu “Shai” Beloosesky is settling in with his new congregation after he was appointed the new rabbi at Temple Avodah, in Oceanside, the fourth rabbi in the history of the Reform …


Staying safe from shark close encounters

It won’t be long before the iconic film 'Jaws' turns 50 — a fact that’s just difficult to imagine.


You have no idea what teachers deal with

His name was David, and he killed himself in my second year of teaching.

Peter King

At this dinner, true patriotism was on vivid display

Recently I was privileged to attend the annual Patriot Award Dinner hosted by the Seaford High School 9/11 Memorial Committee. This event, and other 9/11 programs and projects in Seaford, are administered by the Memorial Committee . . .

Randi Kreiss

Chimps face N.Y. court test of ‘personhood’

Chimpanzee stories invite cheap shots, jokes and memories of J. Fredd Muggs (a regular on “The Today Show”), but the true story of these primates in modern times is both shameful and tragic.