Nemo’s, Oceanside staple, closing after decades


Oceanside-staple Nemo’s on Long Beach Road will close at the end of September after decades of operation. Owners Carl and Marty Isaacson said they are thankful for the support of the community through the years and are excited to head into retirement.

The Isaacson brothers opened Nemo’s in 1973 with the help of many family members who loaned them the money to buy the location.

“We always wanted to run a business that was known for quality and for service,” Carl Isaacson said. “And for all 48 years, we valued our customers and the organizations in the community that participated.”

When they learned about Nemo’s closing, several Oceanside residents voiced their appreciation in a Facebook comment thread for the long-time staple of the hamlet. Many wished the brothers a happy retirement and shared stories of the brothers’ and staff’s help and knowledge, especially when it came to hiking or camping. The store was known for its wide variety of apparel.

Oceanside resident Steven Feigenbaum said he went to Scotland a few years ago and headed Nemo’s knowing there would be plenty of hiking on his trip. “I had no clue what I wanted or needed,” Feigenbaum said. “I went to Nemo’s, and they helped me pick a great hiking boot. It was perfect.”

Steve Mack called Nemo’s “the go-to store for school clothes, sneakers and winter jacket needs for my family since we moved to Oceanside in 1979 from Brooklyn,” Mack said. “We’re going to miss it.”

“My family is sad they’re closing,” Maria Smaragdas, of Oceanside, said. “We bought many sport clothes and equipment. It was a great location for all of us.”

Isaacson said he was thankful for the outpouring of support, both in -person and online. “It’s a wonderful thing. It’s very rewarding to us,” Isaacson said. “We’re a family business and to see that kind of a reaction means a great deal.”

Carl Isaacson said he plans to enjoy his retirement spending time with his family and fishing in the surrounding area.