Oceanside High School’s third annual car show


Oceanside High School hosted its highly anticipated third annual car show on June 9 drawing a large crowd of car enthusiasts, community members, and proud families.

The event showcased the work of the school’s advanced materials students, who have once again demonstrated their skills and creativity by transforming two cars into a single, custom vehicle.

This year’s project was particularly ambitious. Students took a 2008 Grand Marquis, stripped it down to its chassis and drivetrain, and combined it with the body of a 1960 Ford F100. The result? A fusion of vintage aesthetics and modern engineering, complete with contemporary amenities like heat, air conditioning, and advanced driveline capabilities.

“Each year presents a new set of challenges,” said technology teacher Sean Michel. “The first year, everything was challenging because we built a car from scratch. Last year, we had challenges with building an engine that was going to make a huge amount of power. This year was focused on fabrication.”

The students’ commitment to the project was evident, with many spending their free periods and after-school hours working on the car. This hands-on experience has not only equipped them with valuable skills but has also opened doors to future career opportunities.

John LaCascia, technology teacher and project lead said one student, a 10th grader, secured a part-time job at a local engine shop, thanks to the connections and experience gained through the program.

“The students love it,” LaCascia said. “The students love being involved. We have students that’ll come here, and they’ll spend most of their day working on the car. They’ll stay after to help work.”

The success of the car show and the program itself is largely due to the robust support from the local community and businesses. S&K Speed Racing Equipment in Lindenhurst and General Welding Supply in Holbrook have been instrumental in promoting and supporting the event. These businesses share the school’s vision of fostering skilled trades and have helped amplify the program’s visibility through social media and local advertisements.

“I’m so happy to have the support of the community and the car community, Michel said. “The district is always asking, in what way can they involve the community? And this is it”

Last year the car show had 170 cars, and this year LaCascia says they will surpass that, with over 200 cars on display. The car show has become a staple event for Oceanside High School, celebrated not just for the impressive vehicles but for the sense of community it fosters. Local bands provided live music, and the popular local Sauce and Pepper food truck added to the festive atmosphere.

With the bar set high, Oceanside High School’s advanced materials program is already generating excitement for next year’s project. The combination of community support, dedicated students, and innovative teaching promises many more successful car shows to come.