Community say yes to Oyster Bay-East Norwich School budget

The Oyster Bay-East Norwich Central School District’s budget of roughly $62 million passed Tuesday with 781 residents for it and 288 voting against it. With most of the expenses in the budget …

Updated May 12, 2022

Roosevelt laid to rest again with re-enactor James Foote’s death

James Foote, who was beloved in the hamlet and surrounding villages for his portrayal of President Theodore Roosevelt, died in his sleep on Wednesday, just as the president had a century ago. His …

Town of Oyster Bay plans updates for Fireman’s Field

Fireman’s Field is scheduled to undergo some major upgrades in the coming months. The asphalt parking lot will be refurbished by the Town of Oyster Bay, in the interest of beautifying the area …

Cruise Night is right around the corner in Oyster Bay

Car enthusiasts, residents and visitors of the hamlet will be excited to know that in a few short weeks the Cruise Night will be starting up again. This cultural staple of the community will usher in …

Moving forward with new election maps

Republicans have complained that the new congressional district maps drawn by Democrats are unconstitutional and reek of gerrymandering. And the New York Court of Appeals agreed with them, rejecting …

Roosevelt students learn about their main man

Roosevelt first-graders learn about school’s namesake

The all-purpose room at Theodore Roosevelt Elementary School erupted with peals of first-graders’ laughter. It was the school’s first-ever Social Studies Night, and no one knew what to expect, …

Two major leaguers are coming to town

Old dogs teach O.B. athletes new tricks

The junior sluggers of Oyster Bay have the opportunity to begin their baseball training working with not one, but two former major league players. Fred Cambria and Art Shamsky have been not only …


Elections are coming — make democracy work

Who’s to blame for New York’s increase in crime, its high taxes and the general feeling of dread many of us feel?

Randi Kreiss

Threat to choice has women on the march

Thirty years after the fact, I’ve decided to write about a personal time in my life.


School board candidates should know the facts

After a recent “meet the candidates” forum for one of the more than 125 school boards in Nassau County, the people the candidates were soliciting votes from turned to social media to share their views.


Stephen Breyer retired. Why not Kagan and Sotomayor?

Last week, Politico leaked a shocking (but not surprising) draft outlining the Supreme Court’s plan to overturn Roe v. Wade . . .