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Long Beach Verizon customers are without power after workers "mistakenly" cut optic line, Chamber President says


A number of Verizon customers in Long Beach are without internet service after company workers "mistakenly" cut an optic fiber line in front of a Verizon store on Park Avenue, about 11:15 am Wednesday, according to the chairman of the city's Chamber of Commerce.

Chamber President Ian Daby said his internet connection and that of people as far away from his Park Avenue office as the Canal section, were without service.

Danby said Verizon workers cut the line in front of the company's store on Park Avenue.

He said a worker told him that he had "mistakenly' cut an optic power line. Danby said his office has been without power since 11:15 am. He said his home computer is also serviced by Verizon.

Danby said workers told him the power would not be restored until early Wednesday morning.

Verizon officials did not immediately return phone calls.