Nassau County police respond to the coronavirus pandemic


With the coronavirus pandemic accelerating as more testing becomes available, the Nassau County Police Department has protective measures in place for officers and police medics when responding to help people exhibiting coronavirus symptoms. 

Calls to 911 for a health emergency are screened by the communications bureau operators to obtain specific information to protect against coronavirus. Personal protective equipment, including N95 respiratory protection masks, gloves, eye protection and gowns, continue to be provided to all first responders within the NCPD.

If people have flu-like symptoms, contact your health care provider. 

Everyone should continue to be vigilant when receiving phone solicitations or emails from people who could be attempting to scam you or spread COVID-19 rumors. 

Use specific non-emergency numbers for police reports and questions. For anyone who thinks they might have been a victim of a scam, call the local precinct immediately.

To file a police report, call the precincts’ non-emergency number (see Breakout Box). Do not go to the precinct.

All fingerprint requests have been suspended until further notice. Pistol license applications for renewals will still continue, as will modifications to exiting permits.

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