Nassau County Redistricting

GOP, Dems can’t agree on district maps

Nassau County Republicans and Democrats remained far apart when it comes to redistricting the county legislature. And as a final map is expected to be released this week — if not already …

Assembly 21 race is a true toss-up

Assemblywoman Judy Griffin, the incumbent Democrat, and Brian Curran, her Republican challenger and predecessor, remained neck-and-neck as Nassau County election officials continued counting ballots this week, trying to determine who will represent the district in Albany next year.

Frank's Steaks celebrates 20 years in RVC

Frank’s Steaks is a Rockville Centre community staple that has been delighting local palettes for lo these past 20 years.

Schools mum on $30M judgment against former teacher

A court awarded a former Hewitt Elementary School student $30 million last month over sexual abuse claims dating back to 1979. The judgment went against David Savage, a former fifth-grade teacher at the school, who had been accused of molesting Michael Malvin when Malvin was 10.


Don’t let shark mania ruin your summer

There are few sounds that can paint a more vivid picture than the ominous and simple theme created by composer John Williams for the 1975 film “Jaws.”


Ways to skirt the right-wing Supreme Court agenda

The right-wing majority on the Supreme Court has now issued decisions overturning abortion rights, weakening the wall of separation between church and state . . .

Randi Kreiss

Come along with me on a trip Down East

Are you traveling for real, or from your laptop? So many of us, passionate about getting up and going, have been making do with travel brochures and virtual tours these past two-plus years.

Jerry Kremer

Trump’s fate hinges on Georgia

The summer is well under way and, happily, it won't be long before the U.S. Congress goes home.