‘Pickleball Pros’ fundraise for the homeless

Long Island Pickleball Pros hosted their third annual pickleball tournament to fundraise for homeless woman and children living at Bethany House on March 5.

Rockville Centre cop sues village, police comissioner for $10M

Rockville Centre Police Commissioner James Vafeades is being sued for $10 million by a member of the police force, who alleges retaliation after the officer reported his superior for unapproved moonlighting at a bagel shop in Wantagh.

Britt Berke directs a one-of-a-kind show

Britt Berke is a groundbreaking young theatrical director from Rockville Centre, whose latest work breathes new life into a never-before-seen play from award-winning novelist and playwright, Betty Smith.

South Side High school establishes partnerships with local businesses

South Side High School’s business department and the Rockville Centre Chamber of Commerce recently joined forces to help promote the school’s budding business clubs and courses.

Red team wins 107th competition at South Side High School

Screams of joy filled the South Side High School gymnasium on Saturday night, after learning that the Red team won by a score of 61-39 over the Blue team — claiming “Team Victory” for the first time since 2019.


Trouble waking up? You know who to blame.

Where did our collective societal grudge against mornings come from?

Peter King

My mixed memories of leading the parade

St. Patrick’s “Day” is actually several weeks of events commemorating Irish culture and traditions and Irish-America’s contributions to the American mosaic.

Randi Kreiss

The sun shivers and shudders northward

Don’t believe me. Don’t believe the National Weather Service. But come hell or high water (and both are coming!), you better believe the Farmers’ Almanac.