Snowman Hunt kicks off ‘small business season’

Shopping small is no longer a once-a-year activity. Vision Long Island announced last Saturday that this year and next, shopping at small, local businesses will be encouraged not just during the holidays, but all year-round.

Fierce competition at the annual 5K and Family Fun Run

Runners filled the roadway along Front Street in Rockville Centre on a brisk Saturday morning for the start of the annual 5K and Family Fun Run competitions sponsored by the RVC Recreation Department.

Pantry combats food insecurity

Dozens of people who faced the prospect of not having enough to eat on Thanksgiving gathered at the MLK Center early to secure a spot in line for the pantry.

Bowling organization gives back to veterans

John LaSpina, president of the Maple Family Centers in Rockville Centre, recently presented a $250,000 donation to the National Association of State Veterans Homes on behalf of the Bowlers to Veterans Link.

Much-loved Rockville Centre ice cream shop will close in December

Five Pennies Creamery, in Rockville Centre, will close in December, after more than a decade at its Park Avenue location.


Don’t let shark mania ruin your summer

There are few sounds that can paint a more vivid picture than the ominous and simple theme created by composer John Williams for the 1975 film “Jaws.”


Ways to skirt the right-wing Supreme Court agenda

The right-wing majority on the Supreme Court has now issued decisions overturning abortion rights, weakening the wall of separation between church and state . . .

Randi Kreiss

Come along with me on a trip Down East

Are you traveling for real, or from your laptop? So many of us, passionate about getting up and going, have been making do with travel brochures and virtual tours these past two-plus years.

Jerry Kremer

Trump’s fate hinges on Georgia

The summer is well under way and, happily, it won't be long before the U.S. Congress goes home.