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Fare is fair (March 14 - 21)


To the Editor:

As a longtime village resident, I read with great interest the letter in last week’s issue from former village official JoAnne Antun, “Funds, unbalanced.” While some of the information Antun presented was of interest, I believe she misses the big picture.

I have seen over the years that local governments, not unlike homeowners, experience times when money can be saved and when it must be spent, based on circumstances that can be somewhat out of their control. While previous administrations were fortunate to be in a time where maintenance was routine, the need for repair and upgrade reached a level of high necessity under the Fare administration, as wear and tear had finally taken its toll. Just a few examples include the removal of the Arlington furnace and smokestack, the new transfer station, the Valley Stream Boulevard conduit and the Hendrickson Pool and parking lot.

Also, there was the creation of the dog park and the addition of the courthouse at 195 Rockaway Ave., which brings many people to our business district. The new courthouse is a beautiful addition to Rockaway Avenue. 

Let’s not forget that there are good reasons why Valley Stream was named the Best Place to Live in New York.  As a homeowner, that makes me very proud and has no doubt increased home values.

Mayor Fare was part of the prior administration that was able to grow a healthy surplus.  The time to spend money on necessary improvements came, and the Fare administration clearly took the appropriate action when the times called for it.

Carlos Sanchez

Valley Stream