Photos: RVC hosts annual car and fire truck show


Car shows are a beloved summer tradition on Long Island, offering a nostalgic escape and a celebration of the enduring allure of iconic machines from the past.

As the season shifts into high gear, enthusiasts and casual observers alike look forward to the opportunity to appreciate the craftsmanship and stories behind these timeless classics, from American muscle cars and convertibles to a wide array of vintage vehicles.

The weather was perfect for such a celebration, on Saturday, June 1, when the Village of Rockville Centre hosted its fourth annual vintage car and antique fire truck show. Dozens gathered at the parking field along North Centre Avenue, eager to get up close with the impressive automotive displays.

The event allowed visitors to explore the evolution of automotive design and technology, with exhibits ranging from historic fire trucks like the 1937 Aherns-Fox antique fire apparatus to modern custom sports cars. This diverse array of vehicles offered a glimpse into the rich history and innovation that have shaped the automotive industry over the decades.

The idea for the annual show was conceived by Deputy Mayor Kathy Baxley in 2021, amid the disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic. At a time when people were eager to get back outside and enjoy traditional summer activities, Baxley’s vision provided a perfect opportunity to bring the community together in celebration of their shared passion for classic cars.

Thanks to Baxley’s hard work and dedication, the event has continued to grow in popularity and scale each year.

“We want to thank everyone for the amazing turnout during our fourth year of the vintage car and antique fire truck show,” she said. “The parking lot was full of beautiful antique vehicles.”

Baxley credited Dominick Alesi, captain of the Rockville Centre Fire Department’s Live Oak Engine Company No. 1, for his instrumental role in providing the vintage fire trucks that have become a highlight of the annual event.

“It was so nice seeing families all get together and appreciate some of our history,” Alesi said. “The sun was shining and the laughs were flowing on this gorgeous day. We look forward to next year and many more to come.”

As summer unfolds on Long Island, car shows like this one have become a beloved tradition, bringing communities together to appreciate the craftsmanship, innovation, and stories behind these iconic machines from the past.

Whether admiring the sleek design of classic muscle cars or marveling at the engineering feats of antique fire trucks, attendees found themselves transported back in time, reveling in the enduring allure of automotive history.