Winterfest comes to the Nautical Mile


Freeport’s own youth theater group, Sparkle on Stage has relocated to the Nautical Mile and wants everyone to know that there is still much to do even in the winter.

Sparkle on Stage, Inc., the young theatrical group formed by Freeport resident Workman years ago, had been looking for a permanent home for several years. They moved into their new home at 195 Woodcleft Avenue in May and renovated it to include an indoor theater with dressing rooms and practice space.

Sparkle on Stage is holding their first annual ‘Winterfest’ to commemorate their first winter on the Nautical Mile, with activities taking place every weekend beginning late November and into the new year.

“Since this is Sparkle on Stage’s first year down on the mile, we wanted to bring the mile alive,” Sparkle on Stage founder, Robyn Workman said, “We wanted to let the communities know that it’s not just a summer location, that there are events going on down here and that they could come and visit.”

Beginning with Thanksgiving weekend, the organization will host holiday events every weekend. Musical performances by various artists, such as members of the national choir singing alongside guest artists, a performance with a magician, their personal interpretation of the ‘Nutcracker,’ and many more themed events, are available throughout the month.  

Their Nutcracker will be a reinterpretation of the classical theatrical experience, with a blend of tunes from many genres and specialized choreography. The facility will also hold arts and crafts workshops where members of the public may come down and paint whatever they want on a canvas.

Sparkle on Stage has also collaborated with nearby local establishments such as Pip’s Ice Cream Parlour to provide ice cream during their events and BrewSA Brewing Company to serve alcohol at their establishment across the street.

Sparkle on Stage, as a community cultural arts center, hosts a range of shows and exhibits available to the public. The venue is used by both casual and professional participants, and any member of the community can find an outlet for their creativity. Their objective is to provide affordable accommodations for both performers and audiences. Sparkle on Stage produces musical, cultural, and educational programming that embraces and reflects Long Island’s diversity. 

Children and adults alike can take part in their mentorship programs, career-building activities, and obtain artistic experiences, such as training in backstage and back-office professions like lighting, audio-visual, costume and set design, ticket sales, bookkeeping, marketing, and publicity.

Workman, a performer and performance instructor with a 30-year career, founded the youth theater organization when the pandemic thwarted her efforts to put together a board to assist her create a cultural arts center in Freeport. She has planned many occasions for her group to showcase their talents and skills during the winter, with more to come. 

“I want people to know, not just from Freeport but also from Baldwin and Oceanside that there is a lot of stuff to do down here in the winter, it should not be an area that is just popular in the summer,” Workman said. 

Visit for additional information on Winterfest dates and events, or to donate to the nonprofit organization.