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North Shore students enjoy an un-Belize-able trip



Students and faculty from North Shore High School took a tropical tour of Belize during spring break. “The goal of the trip was to experience biology through an outdoor classroom, and gain a hands-on understanding of ecosystems, animals, and how biology presents itself in nature,” said Zoe Malin, a senior.

The Central American country boasts the best of both worlds, offering tranquil, white sand beaches fertile with coconut trees as well as lush green jungles crawling with local wildlife.

The group enjoyed many activities while abroad. Students donned diving masks and snorkels to explore the marine life hidden within the Belize Barrier Reef. They also went cave tubing and paddle boarding in the Caribbean Sea. They toured local wildlife at the Belize Zoo and hiked through the jungles, plunging into lagoons along the way. The more adventurous travelers took a high-ride on a zip-line.