Sweet Dreams Are Made of Cream at Dolce Bella


Dolce Bella Luxury Italian Ices & Cannoleria has become the (cannoli) cream of the crop, with unique treats that not only look Instagram-ready but taste divine too, has found its home in Roosevelt Field Mall. 

Brandyn Williams, owner of Dolce Bella, has become the Willy Wonka of the classic cannoli, turning creams only dreamed of into a reality. 

After nine years of school earning his Masters of Public Administration (MPA) degree and three years in the corporate world, Williams had a calling beckoning him to venture into the unknown. He left his career to pursue something new and in only a handful of years turned an idea into a cannoli craze, but it didn’t start out that way. 

His first mission was a deli called Cherry Valley in Long Beach which opened during the pandemic and closed its doors after a year, “it was an epic fail,” Williams said.

Having left his career behind, there was room for worry and potential regret for uprooting his life for a creative endeavor, but not for Williams — who takes each failure as motivational fuel. 
“Every door that closed on me, I came back and bought the building,” he said, and he absolutely followed through. 

After the deli train reached its last station, Williams started delivering pastries in a van when the never-before-done idea of an Italian ice cart came to fruition. Williams worked diligently, creating a stunning cart and giving people an experience they’ve never had before by bringing a good attitude, tasty treats and sometimes making it a boozy adventure for the adults. 

“There isn’t an Italian ice cart, let alone one that feels lux and offers an overall experience,” he explained. “It started with one cart, now I have 13 carts and this prime location outside the JCPenny first floor entrance of the mall is a dream.”

He also grew from a one-man show to a staff of 30 people the “old fashioned” way, by word of mouth (or keyboard), including Big Red, who mans the kiosk in the mall and is their very own cannoli cream connoisseur and taste expert.  

“One taste is all it takes,” Big Red said as he handed a sample after sample of some of the freshest and tastiest unique creams I’ve had the pleasure of consuming which included flavors like rainbow cookie, Reese’s Pieces, pistachio, M&M, dulce de leche and so much more! Williams deconstructs and reconstructs the cream to make each level new, exciting and exactly what he was looking for. 

“One night after going out, I had a craving for a Reese’s cannoli cream,” Williams said. “But I didn’t want just pieces of candy in regular cannoli cream, that’s not a true Reese's cream. So I reinvented it.”

Williams finds joy in seeing his brand bring smiles to faces, from customers to his very own staff. Big Red even gets recognized by customers from his TikTok videos, where he dives into new creations and Dolce Bella classics.

“I love looking at the expression on someone’s face as they take their first bite,” Williams said. “Their eyes say it all, watching them light up solidifies that all the work I put into this company is worth it. It’s not just about looking unique, it’s about tasting just as good and having fun in the process.” 

He doesn’t limit himself to what he can or cannot do when it comes to serving, flavors or anything else that comes to mind. Their latest invention, the Dolce Boom, is an ice served with an edible smoke-filled bubble that makes for a quirky surprise. And like everything that Williams does, he goes above and beyond, striving not only to be the best but the greatest in the industry. “Every ingredient, down to the milk, comes from Italy and is made onsite at our warehouse by our very own gelato-professional,” Williams said.

He takes pride in every aspect of his business, making it an entire experience from taste to presentation to grabbing a snap in front of their aesthetic wall, complete with a neon sign. That’s why you’ll also find cute little pink trash bins to throw away your sample spoons, but these small cans are backed by a huge message. 

Cans 4 Cancer is a non profit organization where each can, bottle and donation supports and unites young women with breast cancer, and is one of the ways he gives back. Additionally Williams gives free ices and gelato to children in the hospital and strives to choose one charity a month to donate to. 

“Part of being successful is giving back,” said Williams. “And after being blessed  with  the  growth  of  my  company, there is no better way to say thanks.”

Dolce Bella is available to cater parties, corporate events, making their mark at the Hamptons Classic and Herald Premier Business Women of Long Island Awards Gala last year. You can also place an order ahead, book the experience and bring it right to your event or simply visit the kiosk to satisfy those sweet cravings.  
“The goal is to be in malls all over and spread the word,” the owner said. “I really love what I do, I have fun with it and I would love to share it with the world.”

Visit www.dolcebellany.com or 
@dolcebella_ny to see what they'll think up next. Or better yet, take a trip to Roosevelt Field and taste the craze.