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Valley Stream elementary districts hold reorganization votes


With the results of June’s Board of Education and budget votes finalized, Valley Stream’s three elementary school districts held their reorganization meetings this week, during which board trustees voted to select members to their respective board president and vice president positions, as well as representatives to sit on the Central High School District board.

In District 13, Milagros Vicente was elected board president and Patricia Farrell vice president. In District 30, trustee Ingrid Wyllie-Dacon was elected board president and Kelly Ureña vice president. In District 24, Kimberly Wheeler was elected board president and Lisa Pellicane vice president.

School boards are required by law to have an office of president, according to the New York State School Boards Association, and the office holder is intended to provide general direction for trustees and school policy discussions to follow. Additionally, the board president speaks on behalf of its members in official communications. Vice presidents can be elected at the board’s discretion, and reside as president in meetings where they might be absent, and assumes the office should the board president vacate their position.

In addition to selecting board presidents and vice presidents, trustees voted to sent members to represent their respective district’s interests on the high school board. District 30 voted to have James Lavery, Kenneth Cummings and Ingrid Wyllie-Dacon to sit on the central board. District 13 sent William Stris and Toni Pomerantz to the central board. District 24’s board selected John Maier, Lisa Pellicane and Joseph Shipley for the central board.