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Wantagh sends valentines to veterans, senior citizens

Wantagh School District students have been taking time during their lunch periods to craft valentines for veterans and senior home residents throughout the Long Island community. At Wantagh Middle …

Seaford High School junior becomes a published scientist

Seaford High School junior Madison Elias has been studying the great pond snail extensively during her three years in the science research program. Now scientists across the world could read her …

Seaford students win big in the ‘stock market’

In just two months, a pair of Seaford High School students turned $100,000 into about $120,000. Their only regret? It wasn’t real money. That’s the premise of The Stock Market Game, …

Cornerstone Behavior offers new ways of learning

While in-person learning has resumed for many children and teens in New York state, some special-needs students continue to feel the residual effects of Covid-19 in an academic setting.


A permanent home for Last Hope’s flea market

Last Hope, Inc. Animal Rescue & Rehabilitation of Wantagh hopes to find a permanent home in Huntington Town for its thrift store later this year. The organization’s Special Needs …


Vaccine distribution needs improvement

The rollout of New York state’s Covid-19 vaccine distribution has been, at times, disorganized, even chaotic, but in fairness, the state has received a mere 300,000 doses per week, while the need is significantly greater than that . . .


State must provide greater municipal oversight

Nassau County Comptroller Jack Schnirman announced last week that he would not run for re-election — a wise move, given the tenuous nature of any candidacy he might have tried to mount.

How to make a mask in four easy steps

Making a mask is simple, using a T-shirt and paper towel or coffee filter. Here's how, in four simple steps.


New York can learn a lot from South Korea

Gov. Andrew Cuomo is set to open beaches statewide, including Jones Beach, on Friday. It is a moment we have all eagerly awaited, a symbolic gesture signaling . . .