‘Human error’ caused mailing issue, Phoenix Graphics says. Bruce Blakeman is not blaming Nassau County Democrats.


Anyone receiving a voter mail check card erroneously identifying them as a registered Democrat, there are a few things to know.

First, it was caused by human error. Second, Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman does not want any blame to be leveled at county Democrats.

According to Blakeman, a Republican, over the course of the past couple of weeks, the county has fielded many calls from disgruntled voters claiming that they received these cards that misidentified their voter registration. There also were claims that other details like township and Assembly district were also incorrect.

But there is no conspiracy, Blakeman said. Instead, it was a simple mistake acknowledged by Phoenix Graphics, the vendor used by the county elections board to print and distribute these cards. 

“The voter check cards were sent out with information on a card about people and where they’re supposed to vote, what district they’re in, and what their registration was,” Blakeman told reporters at a recent news conference. “In this circumstance, everyone was identified as a Democrat. Not Republican. Not Working Families. Not the Green Party. So obviously, you can imagine that people who are Republicans or in another party were very concerned that their registration had been changed by someone else.”

This has spurred concern that voters could be confused about how they can vote in upcoming primaries, thinking their registration has been changed. Another potential concern is that the other details that could be wrong — like township or Assembly district — could add to that confusion caused by this issue.

Blakeman says he’s reached out to the elections board, and is working to not only resolve this, but ensure it doesn’t occur again.

“If you got this, don’t go vote in the Democratic primary,” he added. “The voters rolls are accurate. These cards are not. That is the disconnect.”

Phoenix Graphics is based out of Rochester, and while admitting to “human error” over the party affiliation, did claim no other part of the card was incorrect.

“As soon as it was discovered, we moved immediately to remedy the situation,” the company said, in a statement. “This is an isolated event, but we apologize for our mistake, especially to Nassau County officials, who bear no responsibility for this problem. We have fixed the error and, at no cost to taxpayers, will deliver corrected voter information cards as soon as possible.”

In recent years, voter fraud concerns have risen nationwide, with many Republicans blaming Democrats for creating such situations, despite presenting little — if any — evidence to back up those claims. The most prominent case involves former President Donald Trump, who continue to state the 2020 election was stolen from him — once again with no evidence to support the claim.

But Blakeman does not wish to see that kind of sentiment rise in Nassau.

“I don’t think the Democratic Party is engaged in a conspiracy to create havoc in their own primary side,” the county executive said.

“I would assume that the Democratic Party doesn’t want a bunch of Republicans showing up for their primary. So, I don’t think there’s anything nefarious on the part of the Democratic Party.

“With respect to my party, I wouldn’t want a bunch of Democrats voting in our primaries.”

The county elections board said voters can expect registration cards with the correct information coming to their mailbox ahead of the primary elections in late June.