South Side High School Cyclones win in a homecoming blowout against Mineola


The South Side High School Cyclones displayed indomitable spirit as they squared off against Mineola in what turned out to be a Homecoming mismatch last Saturday.

Less-than-favorable weather conditions prompted the cancellation of the Homecoming parade, scheduled for Saturday morning, but they weren’t a factor on the field. Entering the game on the heels of back-to-back blowout wins over Hewlett (34-0) and Bethpage (38-0), the Cyclones charged onto the gridiron, eager to keep the momentum going.

Within the opening three minutes of the game, South Side executed an electrifying 65-yard touchdown run as the team jumped out to an early lead and set the tone for a one-sided contest. The Cyclones were firmly in control by the end of the first quarter with a 21-0 margin, thanks to a third touchdown with just under two minutes remaining.

South Side took control of the second quarter with the same precision and tenacity, almost effortlessly scoring three more touchdowns to make the score 42-0 before the first half ended, leaving fans, teammates and coaches — to say nothing of the Mustangs — in awe of the team’s domination.

In the second half, the Cyclones refused to relent, tacking on two more touchdowns in the third quarter while not giving up a point to Mineola, and completing a 56-0 drubbing.

South Side is now neck-and-neck with Wantagh for the top spot in the Section 8 Conference III league.

The excitement from fans is palpable as they eagerly await the team’s next challenge on Saturday, when it will hit the road to face off against the formidable Roosevelt Roughriders. That will be followed by a highly anticipated home game against Wantagh on Oct. 6.

The Cyclones’ performance last weekend not only solidified their position atop the conference standings but also left the South Side faithful eagerly anticipating the team’s showdowns in the coming weeks.