Writers workshop at Seaford Middle school hones student skills


Seaford Middle School students had the opportunity to strengthen their writing skills with the expansion of the Teachers College Writing Workshop.

It was originally implemented at the elementary school level, but now sixth grade students, when middle school begins, can now use the resources.

“It gives them more time to explore their writing and more time for me as a teacher to get to know them as writers, “ teacher Julia Spellman state in a news release.

To improve their writing, students choose a character to analyze from a book and used evidence from the book to support their arguments and discussed it with their peers to broaden their perspectives.

Included in each unit of the workshop are mini-lessons. Students learn different writing strategies and techniques, and review what are called mentor texts.

To enhance their peer review skills, the student look over a classmates work and provide constructive feedback. Educators consider this an effective manner for students to learn from each other.

Seaford officials said the feedback from the sixth-graders was positive and enjoy the program. “It shows me some things that I can do better,” sixth-grader Veronkia Callinan stated in the release.

Her peers noted learning attention to detail and think that will help them prepare better for future school writing assignments. Teachers noted that the students are receptive of the learning and motivated to show off their newly learned skills.