Tri-Color Labs building gets a new owner


The Tri-Color Labs building, which has been noticeably empty for years, just got a new owner — and he’s actively looking for tenants.

Jeff Persily of Lawrence, a serial entrepreneur who owns a tennis club in Inwood and several properties in the metropolitan area, told the Herald that he bought the building two months ago and is promising to give it a façade and interior that will please tenants and residents alike.

“I’m hoping in the next couple of weeks I’ll be able to fill you in on definitive plans,” said Persily. “For now, however, we’re planning on putting a whole new storefront, new roof, new glass, air conditioning, heating, and every business will have its own bathroom,” he added. “It’s going to be a whole new building, and the prettiest building in the area.” Persily said he also plans to repave the lot in back of the building.

Several tenants have shown interest in the space, he said, including a doctor and a charity. “I think we’ll have two tenants in the front and one in the back,” said Persily.

For now, Persily is still putting the pieces of the puzzle together and said he will soon let the village know what the usage will be.

When asked why he chose to invest in this building, he said, “I was looking for places on Long Island, and I fell in love with the building and village itself.”

That’s a common Malverne love story.