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Despite coronavirus beach club members in Atlantic Beach having fun in the sun

Adhering to social distancing rules, increased cleaning helping


Nearly two months since the beach clubs in Atlantic Beach and the village beaches opened, it appears that checking members and staff temperatures, constant cleaning and maintaining social distancing has helped to keep the coronavirus in check and allow many to enjoy the summer.

New York Beach Club owner Alex Jacobson said it has been a challenging summer with having to adhere to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and state and county health guidelines, needing extra security and housekeeping, however because of the plans made beginning in March he said things have gone swimmingly.

“Our members are grateful for the measures and saving their summers, the feedback has been great,” Jacobson, adding that yes, security has turned away members and staff whose temperatures were higher than 100°. “It’s definitely more difficult to operate. You have to be more intelligent about costs.”

Masks are required as members staff walk into the facility and in the beach club’s walkways and building. There are a limited number of people allowed in the pools  and the bathrooms, and in the building people are asked to be 10-feet apart, he said. There is also no food concessions, but takeout food delivery is permitted.

Jacobson said that the feedback from other clubs has also been upbeat, and three members from a trio of clubs bears that out in response to a Herald question posted on Facebook.. 

Irving Kaminetsky, an Inwood Beach Club member said, “Temperature [is taken] upon entering, masks required until you reach your cabana. Self-parking. Beach lounges are preset only two people in restrooms at a time. Incredibly safe at country club as well.”

“Silverpoint is doing an amazing job,” said Linda Kreisman. “The beach area is huge and chairs are spread apart. Masks are worn on the boardwalk, bathrooms and other areas where social distance can’t be maintained.”

“Sunny Atlantic is doing a great job,” said Syd Mandelbaum. “Temp [taken] as you walk in, valets wipe the steering wheel, must mask til you get to your chair, only two to at a time in the bathrooms. Social distancing is practiced on the sand by chair and umbrella boys. Impressive.”

 Beach safety reminder

Atlantic Beach officials placed a reminder on the village website about staying safe on the village’s eight beaches and its half-mile long board walk.

“We have done a great job as a village working together to flatten the curve of  Covid-19 in our community. It is our responsibility to continue to keep safe and healthy.”  

Beachgoers are expected to wear masks when entering and exiting the beach entrances. When on the boardwalk, village officials said: "Please be respectful and social distancing on the boardwalk. Masks must be worn on the boardwalk when social distancing of six-feet is not possible."