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Freeport celebrates Henry Enders’ 95th birthday

Freeporters wished Henry Enders' a happy 95th birthday
Steven Moskowitz

The Freeport Fire Department held a caravan to celebrate Henry Enders’ 95th birthday on March 28. 

Enders is the oldest member of the Freeport Fire Department, having served the Village of Freeport for more than 71 years. 

"Henry  is one guy we all look up to," said Chief Thomas Johnson, "To serve for so long is an inspiration to  everyone." 

The caravan was led by local fire trucks as neighbors and fellow firefighters visited Enders and his family at their home and honked in gratitude for his long service to the village. Several members of the caravan also stopped by and sang happy birthday to Enders as they wished him well through the pandemic.