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Hewlett-Woodmere Little League plays All-Star games


Near game time of the first Hewlett-Woodmere Little League All-Star game, the sun began to peak out from the clouds and the temperature climbed as the Minors level players tossed their first pitch around 12:30 p.m.

The teams – Angels, Rays and Twins vs. White Sox, Astros, and Royals, with the Rangers split among both – second- and third-graders hit the cover off the ball in a 21-19 win by the Angels, Rays and Twins squad.

The Intermediate level – fourth- and fifth-graders – also played an All-Star game with the combined Mets, Rockies and Diamondbacks defeating the blended Dodgers, Marlins and Cubs, 9-8.

The Majors, sixth- to eighth-graders, competed in a Home Run Derby with eight players representing its four teams – Mariners, Indians, Blue Jays and the A’s. Jack Hiller, of the Mariners, took the slugger title after two rounds.