Letters to the Malverne/West Hempstead Editor (March 11-17)


Keeping Malverne strong and secure

To the Editor:

We are writing to endorse Perry Cuocci and Patricia Canzoneri-Fitzpatrick for trustees in the village election next Tuesday.

Together, we have had the unique honor to serve as the mayor of Malverne for 18 years, and our combined service on the village board totals almost 50 years. We understand the fine balance between fiscal controls and providing the services to secure and improve Malverne for the future. The coming years will present critical challenges that require active, informed leaders who have both vision and experience.

We know Perry and Patricia through their personal actions, years of involvement with the village and standards for treating all people with respect and dignity. Perry’s experience in law enforcement and Patricia’s legal and financial background are just what we need to be well prepared, safe and thriving.

Please vote to keep Malverne strong and secure on Tuesday at the Malverne firehouse. Vote for Perry Cuocci and Patricia Canzoneri-Fitzpatrick for trustee.

Mayor Keith Corbett, and former mayors Patti McDonald and Joseph Canzoneri, Malverne

Vote for Lori Lang  on Tuesday

To the Editor:

Here are some important statistics to consider: In the last trustee election, in 2017, 185 residents voted — total. Our village has approximately 8,900 residents, and about 6,800 registered voters. That’s less than 3 percent of our total registered village voters. That number needs to change for the preservation of our village as we approach our 100th anniversary.

Our residents deserve a true election where choices are presented for their village representatives. Our candidate, Lori Lang, is a lifelong resident of 47 years, and she knows why people move to Malverne. It’s for the village services, its safety, a small-town feel and for the proximity to New York City. Lori also knows that this is all a result of the hard work of our village employees.

We need open government, and Lori, our Hometown Pride Party candidate, has professional business administration and communications experience to get it done. She would like to create a business development committee — using the skills of the professionals in the village to revitalize our shopping district — and continue to support our merchants as she has done, along with her sister, Bridget Jelovcic, for the past year by raising more than $50,000 through the Malverne Feeding Our Heroes and Helping Our Merchants campaign.

We would also hope to create and serve as the communications officer/trustee liaison to provide proactive and consistent communications with our residents. This would include public information sessions, meeting reminders, meeting recaps of key issues posted on the website, email blasts and phone blasts. In today’s fast-paced world, this can all be done simply, with no cost to residents.

Along with former Mayor Anthony Panzarella, who has offered his endorsement as well as Sue Hennessy, former Mayor Joseph Hennessy’s wife, I urge our residents to register to vote Hometown Pride Party — Lori Lang, Row B on Tuesday.

Former Mayor Catherine Hunt, Malverne

We need effective  and efficient leaders

To the Editor:

On Tuesday, the Village of Malverne will elect two trustees. During these stressful economic times, it is imperative that the village be administered by the most competent residents who tout the greatest level of governmental and fiscal expertise.

Patricia Canzoneri-Fitzpatrick is an attorney with a law degree from New York University, and she is an experienced certified public accountant who is well versed in taxation law. During her time on the Malverne village board as budget director, the village maintained an excellent bond rating and taxes were kept as low as possible, despite large financial mandates that were thrust on the village by New York state.

Perry Cuocci has been a member of the village’s board of trustees since 2016, and is currently the deputy mayor, who was responsible for no tax increase in the 2019-20 fiscal year. He is also a retired FBI agent with a specialty in public corruption.

Both Canzoneri-Fitzpatrick and Cuocci have the experience and skills needed to administer our village government effectively and efficiently. Therefore, I am asking you to vote for them under the Independent Party of Malverne on Tuesday.

Regina A. Rochford, Malverne