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Woman, infant seriously injured in Elmont dog attack

Infant in critical condition after pit bull mauling


A 37-year-old woman and her 2 1/2-month-old son were mauled by a pit bull in Elmont on Thursday night, according to NCPD 5th precinct reports. The woman received a serious leg wound, and the infant was in critical condition after suffering bites and gashes to the left cheek, mouth and cranium.

The attack occurred when the woman knocked on the upstairs apartment door of a residence on 117th Ave. When a female occupant of the apartment, aged 57, opened the door, two mixed-breed pit bulls rushed out, and one of the dogs attacked the woman and her child.

It was unclear from police and news reports what the woman and child were doing at the location. During the attack, three men working nearby heard the attack in progress and ran to the aid of the victims. One, a 41-year-old male, pulled the dog away from the woman and child and placed them in a vehicle for safety, according Det. Lt. Richard LeBrun of the 5th precinct. Police EMTs arrived and took the woman and baby to a nearby hospital.

According to at least one news report, the dogs were known to become agitated around people, but it was unclear whether or not they had ever attacked. Both dogs were taken to the Hempstead Town animal shelter, pending further investigation.