LIRR repairs fencing at Malverne train stations


The fencing conditions near the railroad lines in Malverne were in poor condition for years. Malverne Mayor Keith Corbett said the poor fencing became a hazard, in which residents could easily walk over or around the fencing to cross the train tracks.

“There were security lapses where our residents could’ve got hurt,” Corbett said.

Corbett met with Long Island Rail Road executives along with members of the MTA Police Department in June to discuss the need to improve safety measures near the tracks in the village. The group toured the village to identify poor fencing at places such as Ackley Court, Hempstead Avenue, and the Westwood Park train station.

“I pointed out all the spaces where they had security lapses,” Corbett recalled. “They didn’t consider them lapses, but they were potentially dangerous areas.”

Corbett said he had been aware of this issue since he served as deputy mayor in 2018. At no charge, the LIRR completed repairs on Hempstead Avenue and Ackley Court over the past few months, and are in the midst of repairing the fencing along the Westwood train station.

“The Long Island Rail Road has been a great partner,” Corbett said. “I think it’s a great example of two municipalities working together so that we can ensure the residents of Malverne are protected.”