Alleged MS-13 member sentenced to life in prison for Freeport murder


Kevin Torres, an alleged MS-13 gang member, was sentenced on Wednesday, July 10 to 25 years to life in prison for the murder of 18-year-old Daniel Garcia-Carbajal in March 2021.

Torres, 26, also known as Sarco, was found guilty on June 5, 2024, after a jury trial presided over by Judge Tammy Robbins.

The convictions include Murder and Conspiracy.

The jury reached their verdict in less than an hour of deliberation after the trial began on May 21, 2024.

Despite the NCDA's recommendation of a 40-year to life sentence, Torres received a 25-year to life sentence.

18-year-old Daniel Garcia-Carbajal was lured to Cow Meadow Park with the promise of meeting girls through a message on Facebook Messenger.


“Daniel Garcia-Carbajal trusted that Kevin Torres was just trying to show him a good time, heading to Cow Meadow Park for an afternoon of partying with friends,” stated District Anne Donnelly in a release.

“But he sadly put his trust in the wrong people, and because of Daniel’s social media posts, which were taken as disrespectful to MS-13, he was ambushed, shot, and killed by the defendant and his co-conspirators.”

The victim was picked up in a car that afternoon and driven to Cow Meadow Park in Freeport by Torres and other co-defendants.

Once there, Garcia-Carbajal – having entered the park with Torres and his co-defendants – was shot in the head, resulting in his death.

After the murder, Torres buried the weapon used in a co-defendant’s backyard.

Garcia-Carbajal's body was discovered the following day after his family reported him missing.

Kevin Torres was arrested on October 26, 2021, by the Nassau County Police Department’s Bureau of Special Operations in Central Islip.

The case was prosecuted by Deputy Chief Veronica Guariglia, under the supervision of Bureau Chief Jared Rosenblatt of the Homicide Bureau, and Executive Assistant District Attorney for the Litigation Division Kevin Higgins.

Torres was represented by Jeffrey Groder, Esq.

“NCDA will continue to aggressively prosecute cases involving this dangerous street gang to protect our communities from their violence,” DA Donnelly stated.