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Manor teachers on parade through Seaford


The parking lot of Tackapausha Museum and Preserve was filled with Seaford Manor Elementary School teachers and staff getting ready to parade around the neighborhood streets. Teachers happily readied themselves for the drive as students and families around the neighborhood matched their enthusiasm while waiting outside to catch a glimpse of the Manor staff.

In the parking lot before leaving, the teachers decorated their cars with signs, streamers and balloons. They then embarked on an hour-long trip up and down more than 30 streets.

Principal Debra Emmerich, in the first car behind the Seaford fire truck that led the parade, brought along a special guest. Seated beside her, playing the role of the Seaford Viking mascot, was Emmerich’s son John. Emmerich said that her staff was very emotional as they prepared for the event.

“We wanted nothing more than to see our students again and we were finally getting our chance,” she said. “When we saw the kids’ excited faces, and their families waving, cheering and smiling some of us got choked up. It was priceless. The staff needed this, our students needed this — we all needed this. Our Manor school families are the best in the world, and it felt amazing to see each other again. It will be a day that we always remember.”