Ninety-six-year-old conquers Covid-19


A local 96-year-old recently triumphantly conquered Covid-19.

Fifty-one-year Merrick resident Filomena “Fay” Disclafani started noticing Covid-related symptoms in late August, including a cough and a fever with a temperature of 102. The virus was spread when her grandson, Justin Ciccotelli, made a routine visit for coffee and dessert.

It was a short few days before Disclafani felt her first symptom. She saw her doctor and tested positive for Covid-19, then had to quarantine for 10 days.

“I was shocked to begin with,” she said. “At my age, that’s not a great thing to hear.”

Her symptoms, however, did not worsen, and she felt she had a “mild” case — which she attributes to getting vaccinated. Disclafani received the Moderna vaccine in March, making her well prepared for a potential Covid-19 infection.

After quarantining, Disclafani fully recovered. “She’s so strong; I knew she would beat it,” Ciccotelli, 37, said. “She’s a young 96. She never stops — she’s always on the move.”

Quarantining was difficult for Disclafani, she said, as she felt somewhat isolated without her typical visits from friends and family. As soon as she was able, she was right back to living a youthful life. Disclafani watched a film at the local theater and got her nails and hair done once she felt well enough to go out.

“There’s the saying, ‘You don’t stop cause you’re old, you get old cause you stop.’ She’s always that type of person — she’s young at heart with a young personality.”

Disclafani wanted to use her story to advise other seniors and residents who might be hesitant to get vaccinated. “That’s what everyone should be doing,” she said. “The fact that there are people who think the vaccine isn’t good — it’s not right. That’s wrong.”

Disclafani will be celebrating her 97th birthday alongside family on Oct. 30.


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