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Remote learning gets restructured in Bellmore-Merrick

Quarter three grades almost in


April 1 marked the first day of a standardized class schedule for Bellmore-Merrick Central High School District students as remote learning continues. On Thursday, the processing of third quarter grades also began by district teachers. 

The new schedule, which mimics typical 45-minute school classes, will help avoid conflicting video lessons and extra help periods, according to a Tweet by John F. Kennedy High School Principal Gerard Owenburg. 

The Monday through Friday schedule sets time for teachers of each subject to  host lessons or issue assignments, with 12 to 12:45 p.m. reserved for lunch. 

On Fridays, extra help will be offered in most subjects. 

The grading portal on Infinite Campus, the district's student management system, is set to close on April 2 as teachers begin processing third marking period grades, according to a letter from Owenburg to parents. Report cards will be posted on Wednesday, April 22. 

The district implemented a "no harm" policy in calculating the third quarter grades. Final marks will compile any exams, projects, presentations or other works completed prior to the March 13 school closure. Grades for work completed after the closure (between March 16 and 27) will only be used if and only if it benefits the student's third quarter average. 

Third marking period averages will be determined by using the higher of the two scores: the traditionally calculated average for the third marking period or an average of the scores for quarters one, two and three.

"While there are no decisions at this time to extend the school closure into the fourth marking period, the district is prepared to move to a Pass/Fail system for fourth quarter averages," Owenburg wrote. "We will update you as more information becomes available."