Sea Cliff boutique supports small businesses


My Beautiful Mess boutique in Sea Cliff was founded in 2017, and officially opened its doors in March of 2018, creating opportunities for other small businesses by offering a place to sell their products.

The boutique is a female-owned business operated and run by co-owners Lisa Marchetti of Manhasset and Susan Davila of Sea Cliff. The two are not only business owners, but “childhood best friends.”

The boutique carries a wide array of items, ranging from antiques, vintage items, furniture, and books to pet products, jewelry, and wellness products.

According to Marchetti, prices range from $1 to $5,000 dollars, and “there is always something you can find.”

The items they carry in store are “upcycled, all natural, organic, local, and helping other artists out” and they do their best to remain that way, Marchetti said, noting that the boutique carries a plethora of merchandise.

“Every month or so, we try to bring in more,” she said, which allows for the addition of local vendors.

Marchetti and Davila have always had a shared passion for searching for antiques. Marchetti explained that due to this shared passion, they “ultimately sat down and decided to do this,” with the support of their family. Marchetti also explained that, “it was a now or never moment in our lives.” Marchetti, who has a background in interior design and staging, noted that her house was “overflowing with things I have collected.”

The two said that they were both done raising their children and wanted something for themselves. “There is always something beautiful to look forward to, or to hope to see,” Marchetti said. “Susan and I would take three-four day trips to Pennsylvania and go to mud auctions.”

Gracie Donaldson, My Beautiful Mess social media and promotions manager, said that it is simply “more than just an antique store,” adding that Marchetti and Davila “try to bring in vendors who have missions and meanings.’’ The boutique, Donaldson said, aims to “support local artisans and truly give them a home in a family oriented spot.”

The boutique has more than vintage items and shopping at the boutique not only supports the entrepreneurial spirit of Marchetti and Davila, but also local vendors, which include local artists and other creative minds. Some local vendors for My Beautiful Mess include JD Jewelry and Art, Sea Cliff Hemp Company, Farm Witch Restoration, Sorella Designs LTD, and Trubee Hill, as well as local authors. However, the boutique also includes products from out of state vendors. 

Jamie Diamond, owner of JD Jewelry and Art, said that she “loves being there” and that “they have items that fit very well” with her style and jewelry. Diamond said that her jewelry is made from “upcycled and used things.” Diamond also said that she enjoys “shopping and looking around” at the boutique, adding that she is grateful that Marchetti and Davila  “have been so generous keeping [her] stuff there” and that the opportunity is a great thing because she does not have a physical store front of her own. “It’s amazing that anyone can shop my stuff everyday of the year just by walking into My Beautiful Mess,” Diamond said.

Marchetti explained that the success of the business is due to the fact that they are most of all “best friends and we have a good time doing it.” Davila added, “We wouldn’t be doing it if it wasn’t fun.”

For Davila, the most joyous part of the job is when “a customer comes to the door and someone picks something you personally chose to bring in and sell.” “It simply makes you feel good,” she said. “We always encourage new purposes for our items with customers.”

According to Marchetti, the clientele are not just residents from Sea Cliff, but sometimes “from the city who come in who want to travel to Sea Cliff because they feel it’s a destination place.”

In the beginning of their business, Marchetti and Davila often held events for book signings with local authors, psychics from Sea Cliff such as Tori Quisling, and other local vendors. A book signing was held for the book “The Great Spruce” by John Duvall and illustrated by Rebecca Gibbon right before the holidays.

“Covid impacted our business a lot,” Marchetti said, noting that was one of the reasons they had to hold off on their events until recently. On Dec. 2, 2021 My Beautiful Mess held book signings for local authors Cheryl Benton and Roni Jenkins.

While Covid has “made things difficult,” Marchetti said, they continue to be resilient by trying to bring back more of their traditional events with the safety of their customers in mind.

Over the years, Marchetti said, the business has evolved. “In the beginning we sold solely antique and vintage items. Now we are coming in with some more gift items as the times change,” Marchetti said. “I never thought I would be selling masks.”

“We learn a lot from our customers,” Davila said. “They have been really good to us.” 

Marchetti and Davila said they like supporting the community and other small businesses. And, they like the impact their wares have on others.

“I want to see these vintage items in people’s homes rather than in a dump or the garbage,” Marchetti said, “and see it repurposed and around for another 100 years.”

“It has been great seeing younger people in the community coming in and wanting to buy the older things,” Davila added, “and understanding not the monetary value but knowing it’s a special piece. We want to help be a part of the community and just work with everyone in the community and help people out.”

To keep up to date with My Beautiful Mess, find it on Facebook or Instagram @mybeautifulmess_boutique.