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Seaford High School beefs up weight room


At a Seaford School District Board of Education Meeting earlier this calendar year, faculty presented a powerpoint on what to do with extra capital from the budget. Updating technological infrastructure and updating outdoor campus amenities were discussed. Another focus was the Seaford High School weight room, typically frequently used by the athletic teams and general student body.

The project was approved and, despite this year’s coronavirus pandemic, the school’s fitness and weight room underwent a full makeover. The district said it hopes the new digs will create “an inviting facility for students.”

One of the main focuses at the aforementioned Board of Education proposal was laying down new matting on the floors. They said that the plan was to do extensive research into the most cost efficient but quality athletic mats ahead of the summer. The district accomplished that goal, as well as livening up the room with a new coat of Vikings green and white paint.

Although the room may now look appealing to every student that passes by, use of the room, located across from the gymnasium, is currently restricted due to health and safety protocols during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Kevin Witt, director of physical education, health and athletics, said that some of the older machines were replaced in mid-October. The fitness and weight room now has three new treadmills, three new elliptical machines and a new recumbent bike. A new power rack was replaced and a cable crossover machine was added, which Witt said is popular in commercial gyms and allows students to do multiple exercises.

The aim was for the fitness and weight room to include a mix of both cardio and strength and conditioning equipment. It s used by physical education classes and athletic teams under strict adult supervision. Witt noted that exercise is good for both the body and mind.

“We really enhanced the look of the room and upgraded key pieces of equipment,” Witt said. “The fitness and weight room will serve our students both physically and mentally, in relieving stress and improving strength and endurance.”