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Seaford students up for new school year


Tiled floors, locker-lined walls, glass cases full of achievements and memories, and doors that give way to waiting classrooms. The students of the Seaford School District have not seen these sights for two months during their much anticipated summer vacation. Last see their friends.

Students from the elementary schools met with teachers and reunited with friends before unpacking their supplies and getting right to work. The students are eager to get back to the classroom, even at their young age.

“I’m excited to learn new stuff and get better at spelling and writing,” said Manor Elementary School fifth grader Bianca Gruner.

Career focuses never come too early in Seaford, as fifth grader Katharyn Malone has already set her sights on becoming a teacher. “I want to read as many books as I can this year,” Malone said.

Seaford elementary schools have made their environment a bit more comfy for the school year. Fifth graders in Megan Hunt’s class are particularly excited about the flexible seating in their classroom, including stools, pillows, yoga balls and high-top chairs. The fifth graders are also looking to serve as role models for the younger students in the school. They want to set a good example as the oldest group in the building.

“Be kind to others,” Ryan Burke, fifth grader, said of the motto he and his peers plan to live by this school year.

In Seaford High School, the eldest students donned special “Seniors’ 20” shirts as a show of class unity. They spoke of the anticipation for events like spirit week and homecoming, but also noted that there will be many important decisions to be made between now and graduation.

“I am looking forward to picking my dream college and charting my future career path,” senior Oliva Tice said.