Superintendent’s Conference Day Returns


The Superintendent’s Conference Day welcomed returning staff members and encouraged them all to strive for new heights.

Administrators, educators, and staff met for the first Superintendent’s Conference Day in person since 2019 in the Freeport High School Performing Arts Center. 

The morning session began with the presentation of colors by Freeport’s JROTC, followed by Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Kishore Kuncham, who heartily thanked and welcomed everyone back to the 2022-2023 school year.

“After two and a half years, let’s give a round of applause to each and every one of you. As always, our resiliency and commitment to our students, families and each other has moved us forward. When we are a team, we are unstoppable. As we embark on a new school year there is no challenge too difficult when we work together and our destination remains the same, for students to thrive, develop their full potential and succeed. Excellence through equity, imparting 21st century skills with a whole child approach is the core of Freeport,” said Kunchman. 

After an inspiring and empowering video thanked all of Freeport’s employees for their dedication to the district over the past two years, Board of Education President Maria Jordan-Awalom addressed the audience and said, “Despite all the challenges faced during the past two years I am so proud of you, and I extend my appreciation to you for your vital work for our students and community. Your efforts are and will continue to be recognized and please know that you have the full support of the board of education.”

Following remarks from Board President Jordan-Awalom, Freeport teacher and coach Harry Mohrman received special attention for his 57 years of service to the district and was given a plaque to mark his tenure with the district and to celebrate his retirement.

“Harry has been more than a PE teacher and coach to his students. He has made lasting relationships to help them attain their dreams beyond high school and collegiate goals,” said Dr. Kuncham. “Harry, we thank you for your 57 years of service to Freeport students and our schools and we wish you a well-deserved retirement.” 

Dr. Kuncham then presented the district’s accomplishments, which should be recognized as the school year begins. “Our K-6 students have reached the proficiency levels of pre-pandemic; our music program has received a Presidential citation from New York State. Our girls and boys tennis and girls lacrosse teams were conference champions. Freeport was the only school district in the state given the honor to join as an affiliate NASA’s program NY Space Consortium at Cornell. And finally, we have set a new record as our Freeport High School graduation rate has surpassed the 90% mark and we will continue to surpass that rate in years to come.” 

Dr. Kuncham advised all employees to be flexible and adaptive, as well as to treat each kid with compassion and love, since social-emotional well-being is a primary focus for the district’s success. “We know the long-term effects of the pandemic and let’s be mindful of that by supporting our students, our staff and each other,” said Kuncham. 

Dr. Kuncham revealed the new theme for the school year, “Be the Change, Transcend.” He went on to explain, “Let us continue to explore our true potential, and our students’ potential, and let us stay the course with direction, momentum and synergy bringing equity, excellence and high achievement of every student. And let this be an opportunity to transcend all our practices to take our students to the next level of their lives and help them achieve new heights. So, let’s be the change and let’s transcend.” 

The Superintendent’s Conference Day concluded with an enthusiastic performance by the Freeport Summer Academy of the Arts interns, followed by everyone departing the performing arts center and heading to their own school building to begin the new school year.