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Wantagh, Seaford coronavirus updates: three new cases as of May 15

Reopening still a ways off as county falls short on benchmarks


Updates for Covid-19 cases in Seaford, Wantagh and Levitown, as of May 15,  showed a total of 3 new cases, all in Wantagh and North Wantagh.

Nassau County logged 169 new confirmed cases, with seven fatalities for the past two days.

The number of Covid-19 patients requiring hospitalization in the county dipped  to 647 from 650. And testing was up, with more than 2,000 residents tested per day. The county has recorded a total of 129,647 tests, or more than 9.5 percent.

The county continues to fall short in a least three of the seven benchmarks it must achieve before the state will allow nonessential businesses and activities to resume: contact tracers;  a decline in hospital deaths; and a decline in new hospital admissions. Figures for total hospital and ICU beds were unavailable.

Number of cases



Wantagh, incl. N. Wantagh




Nassau County cases


Nassau County fatalities

Source: Nassau County