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New York American Water to replace old water main in Malverne


New York American Water announced on May 25 that the company will invest $1.5 million to install a new 12-inch ductile iron water main along Hempstead Avenue between Johnston Avenue and Norwood Avenue in Malverne. The project includes replacing 1,200 feet of 8-inch water mains originally installed in 1924, installing a new 18-inch HDPE water main under the Hempstead Avenue railroad crossing, and replacing two fire hydrants and 38 service lines to help improve water quality, service reliability and water pressure in the area.

“Replacing aging water infrastructure is an essential part of ensuring the health and safety of our water systems now and into the future,” said New York American Water President Carmen Tierno in a news release. “This water main replacement project presents some unique challenges given its location and scope of work, but we are confident we have an efficient and tactful plan in place to minimize disruptions as much as possible. Getting this project off the ground required a lot of cooperation from several entities, and we sincerely thank them and appreciate their flexibility and accommodations.”

NYAW said that this water main replacement project presents numerous challenges because it is located along a main thoroughfare and requires subterranean drilling beneath the railroad tracks. Unlike a typical main replacement project — which requires digging a trench alongside the existing water main — NYAW will be performing a directional drill to tunnel underneath the Long Island Rail Road racks. The company has worked closely with the village of Malverne, Nassau County and the LIRR to ensure that businesses, residents and those who commute through the area, will be impacted as little as possible.

The project is expected to take three weeks and a majority of work will take place between the hours of 8 p.m. and 4 a.m. Residents should be advised that temporary road closures and detours may occur; however, plans are in place to keep two lanes of traffic open during the construction process. The planned construction schedule is as follows:

June 4 and June 5 – Test holes to be drilled to determine a depth needed to install the new water main. This work will occur during the day and there are no anticipated disruptions to traffic.

June 6 through June 8 – Directional drilling will begin. A drill rig will be staged in the parking lot of the Towne Service Station. This work will occur during regular business hours and is not anticipated to disrupt traffic.

June 11 – Pipe installation will begin. This work will take place at night and will change traffic patterns. Flag personnel will be onsite to ensure two-way traffic is maintained at all times.

Commuters using the LIRR should also be alerted that the Hempstead Avenue entrance to the parking lot north of the Malverne train station (east of Hempstead Avenue) will be closed between the hours of 8 p.m. and 4 a.m. during the pipe installation (June 11 through completion).

Any resident with a concern or question about the planned work is encouraged to call New York American Water customer service center at (877) 426-6999. For more information, visit www.newyorkamwater.com or the company’s Facebook page.

–Nakeem Grant