School Election 2018 (updated):

Voters approve $39.4 million 2018-19 East Rockaway School District budget

Dom Vulpis beats Theresa Devlin for vacant Board of Education seat


East Rockaway School District voters hit the polls on May 15 and approved its $39.4 million budget for the 2018-19 school year.

"On behalf of the Board of Education and the students of East Rockaway schools, I would like to thank the community for supporting the proposed budget for 2018-2019," Superintendent Lisa Ruiz said in a statement. "Our focus is always on meeting the needs of our students, while remaining fiscally responsible to our taxpayers. Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Operations Jacqueline Scrio, the Board of Education and all members of administration worked hard to develop this budget to meet those needs, and to remain aligned with our Strategic Plan. I look forward to updating our community as some of these new programs and initiatives begin to take shape in the fall."

In addition to the budget vote, Dom Vulpis was elected to the Board of Education over Theresa Devlin, 689 votes to 400. Vulpis, who retired last June after more than two decades serving as the athletic director for the district, will replace John Giannotti Jr. on the board. Giannotti has served on the board since 2012.

"I am honored and humbled with the overwhelming support of my East Rockaway neighbors,” Vulpis said. “I look forward to working with fellow board members, administrators, educators, parents, and the entire community in the best interest of East Rockaway and taxpayers that call it home.” 

The majority of residents also voted "yes" on Proposition 2 (784 to 281), Proposition 3 (782 to 273) and Proposition 4 (711 to 340).

Proposition 2 authorized district officials to use capital reserve funds to pay for building upgrades in the district. They include window replacements at Rhame Avenue School and district-wide security enhancements, interior upgrades and renovations, and will not exceed $200,000.

Proposition 3 enabled officials to use less than $200,000 in capital reserve funds for district-wide technology projects. These initiatives will replace technology and telecommunications equipment and software and upgrade computer hardware, networks and smart classrooms.

Proposition 4 permitted officials to increase the capital reserve funds for building improvements and repairs established in May 2014 to $7 million plus any accrued interest.