Yoga studio to host community health fair


Daruma Yoga and Fitness encourages neighbors to stretch their legs and check out its first-ever community health fair this Saturday in Elmont.

The studio is hosting the event to let the community know what health and wellness resources are available to them. LaNina Cooke, program director for Daruma Yoga and Fitness said that sometimes people don’t think about their health until it’s too late.

“(We wanted to let people) know that wellness isn’t something you just pay attention to when something happens,” Cooke said. “You should pay attention to it on a regular basis for preventative medicine and preventative health as well.”

Healthcare, skincare, nutrition and wholistic health vendors will be at the fair. Neighbors are welcome to get informed on preventative health measures and participate in raffles here.

No registration is required for the fair as walk ins are welcome. The fair will be held at the Bethpage Credit Union parking lot in Elmont on Sept. 16 from 2:30-5:30 p.m.

Yoga, and cardio kickboxing mini sessions will be provided during the fair anyone who wants to get active this weekend. The mini sessions will be held at the Daruma Yoga and Fitness at 1626 Dutch Broadway, Elmont.

Students of Okinawa Karate Kabudo Kai in Elmont will also perform a karate demonstration at the fair.

“A large part of it is kid friendly, especially some of the stuff we’re going to do with the kids’ demonstration,” she said. “So, we encourage people to bring their families and also bring their children.”

The studio will be giving away shirts and other merchandise from the studio at the fair. Sessions for yoga or cardio kickboxing will also be given away to attendees.

Both Okinawa Karate Kabudo Kai and Daruma Yoga and Fitness have been in the Elmont community for the past 10 years, Cooke said.

“We try to make sure that our programming is accessible for all,” Cooke said.

The karate studio offers classes for children as well as adults during morning and evening hours. Daruma Yoga and Fitness also offers family yoga and specials for senior citizens at reduced rates on Wednesdays in September.