Learn about dementia, for your sake and others’

Memory loss is common as we get older. Going to the grocery store and forgetting what you went there for. Trying to remember the name of an actor . . .


Why Nassau needs a strong inspector general’s office

As a legislator who served during the height of corruption in Nassau County, I know firsthand how important it is to have mechanisms in place to protect taxpayer money from the pitfalls of waste and fraud.

Randi Kreiss

Summer reading: To escape or go deep?

Of course, we must have a summer to take up the subject of summer reading. Which reminds me of a great book about Krakatoa . . .

Jerry Kremer

The PSEG love affair is over

Long Islanders have all kinds of non-romantic love affairs. They love their school boards, their teachers and their garbage collectors, and they even show some love for . . .