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Anti-Trump rally in Valley Stream

About a dozen Valley Stream residents and those from other communities gathered in the Green Acres Mall Target parking lot on Sunday to protest the Trump administration. The demonstration was …

Village workers rescue kitten from storm drain

Village Highway Department workers rescued an injured kitten from a storm drain early Tuesday afternoon.   According to Highway Department dispatcher Robin Giammarino, a homeowner near the …

Three in V.S. Troop 116 become Eagle Scouts

Three members of Valley Stream BSA Troop 116 officially became Eagle Scouts on Saturday. Owen Bogle, Ian Burke and Brandon Yu gathered along with family, mentors and their fellow scouts to at the …

V.S. doctor to appear on ‘The Bachelorette’

A Valley Stream anesthesiologist will be one of 42 men to try and gain the love of bachelorette Clare Crawley in the upcoming 16th season of the ABC show “The Bachelorette.” Joe Park, …


Herd immunity, a recipe for further disaster

Consider the number 675,000 for a moment. That’s the number of people in the United States who died during the flu pandemic of 1918-19. Could the U.S. be headed for such widespread death again?


Say goodbye to ‘Lady’ on our sports pages

Late last month, we at the Herald were jolted when a senior at Kennedy High School, in Bellmore, called on school officials — and the local media — to stop referring to girls’ sports teams at Kennedy as the “Lady Cougars.”

Alfonse D'Amato

Will Washington soon be unchecked and unbalanced?

Some who are opposed to Amy Coney Barrett’s Supreme Court nomination are blurring the line between confirming a justice to fill a vacancy and the so-called “packing” of the court. Using this nomination to justify court packing . . .

Randi Kreiss

When real-life horrors outdo Halloween

Really, could you make up Donald Trump if he didn’t already exist? What book publisher in their right mind or movie producer hoping for a hit would create a character as unlikely . . .