At 24, William Buck creates Wellness Warriors


William L. Buck School has developed a new, student-led mental health task force known as Wellness Warriors. The group is described as “the student voice when it comes to mental health,” according to a press release. The group acts as liaisons between students and staff members, aiding teachers, staff, and administrators to gain a better understanding of how students are feeling and why. The Wellness Warriors also engage in conversations about stressors for students and devise strategies to promote mental health.

The press release further said the group recently developed and scheduled activities for the school’s ‘Mental Health Mondays’ and ‘Wellness Wednesdays’ for the month of May during one of their ‘think tanks.’ Activities will include their fellow students exploring their identity and values, talking about causes of stress, brainstorming solutions to problems as a school community, and exploring activities for self-care. “These activities allow a safe space for students to share their feelings and experiences and allow students to develop coping tools,” according to the press release.