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Bags, socks and books for a cause


State Sen. Todd Kaminsky and STATE Bags, an online bag shop, partnered to donate on Oct. 3 roughly 400 designer bags, 800 Bombas socks and 400 elementary-age books to students at Shaw Avenue Elementary School.

As part of the bag drop, representatives from STATE and a DJ emceed for the event, which concluded with each student receiving their own donated backpack.

“We hoped that this program helped the students to build self esteem, focus and build character,” State Sen. Senator Todd Kaminsky said. “I also hope that the book bags and school supplies will help students to fulfill tasks at school and give them drive to get where they need to go.” 

Many of the students said they believed the new bags and supplies would be useful to them. 

“I love socks, books and backpacks,” 10-year-old Briana Cole said. “Getting a book bag will help me with paying attention, being kind and helping others.”

For Malia Sterling, also 10, the book bag she received could help strengthen bonds with her peers, she said, because it gives her an opportunity to relate to her classmates, who also received backpacks. 

“This bag represents friendship and good luck,” she said. “I am excited because everybody got to enjoy a bag together and I made so many memories today.”

“My book bag will help me to be determined,” Dianna Defrofief, 10, said. “If my book bag rips, I can use this new one.”

STATE Bags, is private company that in addition to selling mid-priced backpacks, also donates a portion of their bags to schools and children through events such as the one held at Shaw.