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Police report stolen airbags in Valley Stream


Nassau County police reported that on July 26, three Honda vehicles parked in Valley Stream had their airbags stolen. It was only reported instance of airbags being stolen in Nassau County this year, cops said.

Two of the targeted vehicles, Honda Civics, were parked at the Valley Stream Long Island Rail Road station, while the other, a Honda CRV, was parked near an intersection on a residential street when the airbags were removed, according to Nassau County police Det. Lt. Vincent Garcia.

He noted that because Hondas are popular vehicles, there is a high demand for parts.

Residents on social media reported seeing paper signs placed at a municipal parking lot near the intersection of North Corona and Hendrickson avenues warning drivers of the stolen airbags, although it was not clear who had placed them.

Garcia advised that residents take proactive measures to ensure their cars are not broken into.

“Drivers should be aware of their surroundings,” he said. “Lock their vehicles, set [their] alarms, park in well-lit areas and install lighting or motion sensors. If you see something say something.”